How To Lose Thigh Fat in a Week Without Exercise

How To Lose Thigh Fat in a Week Without Exercise

Without wanting yourself, without eating regimen pills or tricks, even without exercise, it’s conceivable to have more slender, smoother thighs in seven days. That’s plenty of time to get in shape for swimsuit season. The rules must be followed strictly and will require some change in your diet.

There’s no free lunch, after all. The good news is that, not only will you lose inches; you’ll feel better and look better. You’ll be able to follow this regime any time you prefer to lose a few inches or a few pounds. Or you can make these rules part of your lifestyle and continue to lose weight and ameliorate your health long-term.

There are 10 rules to lose thigh fat you need to follow:

1. Drink 2 glasses of good water

(filtered, or spring water) every morning when you first get up, before you do anything else.

2. Drink at least eight more glasses of water throughout the day

Drink an extra glass of water for every cup of coffee, black or green tea that you consume. One cup of coffee or black or green tea per day. Herbal tea is allowed in any amount. No other beverages are allowed.

3. Dispose of everything being equal, with the exception of a ½ cup of dark colored rice permitted every day

That means no bread, oat products, cakes or pastries, or pasta of any kind. No corn or soy products, including tofu. Read food labels!!

4. Take out all sugar or sugar items, with the exception of entire natural product

Stevia is allowed. Stevia is made from a South American plant and is considered a herb. It tastes sweet, but contains no sugar and no calories. Avoid all artificial sweeteners, including Splenda. No corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. No alcohol of any kind.

5. Eat four servings of protein per day

A serving is 3-4 ounces (about the size of your fist). Eggs, chicken, fish, and meat poached, broiled or grilled allowed.

6. Eat unlimited amounts of vegetables, steamed or raw.

7. Eat half as much fruit as vegetables

For example, if you eat 6 cups of vegetables, eat 3 cups of fruit. No juice allowed, only whole fruit.

8. Eat two tablespoons of oil per day, made into salad dressing, or over vegetables or fish/chicken/meat

Virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil, unrefined nut oils, or flax seed oil only. Vinegar or lemon juice may be added to the oil for salad dressing. Herbs and spices may be used for flavoring. You may use a sprinkle of sea salt-be very sparing. No butter or mayonnaise. No nuts or nut butters.

9. Avoid all dairy products milk, cheese, yogurt, cream

The exception is whey protein, which you can use, along with water and fruit, to make protein shakes. You may also use egg white protein powder. If you need the smoothie sweeter, use Stevia. For a frosty smoothie, add ice.

10. Enjoy what you’re eating

This is a “real food” regimen and your body will thank you. The processed, chemical foods most Americans eat are an invitation to chronic disease, so this is an opportunity for your body to get a lot needed nutrients. Try to eat organic food, if possible.

Eat often; don’t let yourself get hungry. This regime will keep your blood sugar stable so that you’ll feel satisfied, as long as you eat every 3 hours. This program isn’t about calories. Eat until you’re fulfilled, adhering to the permitted nourishments. Keep a log of all that you eat and note of your vitality and temperaments.

Whenever you notice that your energy dips at certain hours, have a snack ready so your blood sugar doesn’t dip.

Natural Remedy For Sagging Eyelids you will See Results Immediately

Natural Remedy For Sagging Eyelids you will See Results Immediately

Sagging eyelids is a problem that is a bit more serious than it may seem. It not only makes us look older but may also lead to eye diseases and eyesight deterioration.

Nature has a solution to all our health issues and the benefit is that the remedies are absolutely free from side effects. So, try the remedy today and treat the sagging eyelid quickly!

Natural Remedy For Sagging Eyelids You Will See Results In 2 Minutes!

Natural Remedy for Sagging Eyelids

You will need

1 Egg white
Cotton swab
Be sure the skin of your eyelids is clean and dry,
Apply a small amount of egg white on them, and wait until it is dry.
And then wash it off with cool water.
You will be able to see the results immediately.
This is the most simple process you can use to treat the eyelid drooping issue at home. Along with the eyelid, you will be able to apply a few of the egg white on your face skin also to reduce the fine lines and make your face look younger.

Also, read – A simple day to make eyelashes longer and beautiful nature really fast in 3 Days.
Here is the exercise to strengthen your eyelids
Close your eyes and place your index fingers across each eyelid.
Lift your elbows.
Count to 5 and on each count gently apply a few pressure to your eyelids.
When you count to 5, try to open your eyes with some pressure still applied.
Repeat it 10 times.

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink Recipe: Drink This Every Night – You Will Need Smaller Clothes

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink Recipe: Drink This Every Night – You Will Need Smaller Clothes

If you want to perform a body detoxification, lose some weight and fat, apple cider vinegar is the best thing you can use!

This type of vinegar is full of revitalizing and antioxidant properties. You can use it to decrease your blood sugar, lose weight and improve the symptoms of diabetes.

Acetic acid is the main ingredient of this type of vinegar that will help us eliminate all the bacteria in our intestines. It will also improve the digestion of proteins. In this way, our body will activate the stimulation of the growth hormone and we’ll break down fat cells faster.

The other natural ingredient in this drink is lemon. It is extremely powerful detoxification fruit. Lemon contains vitamins, antioxidants etc. The main vitamin is vitamin C which improves our detoxification process as well as the complete immune system.

Lemons contain citric acid that improves the health of our kidneys and prevents us from developing kidney stones. It will help us regulate the levels of pH and decrease the risk of stroke and heart problems.

This detox drink also contains honey. It will improve gastrointestinal disorders and it’s sweet in taste. It contains very powerful anti-fungal and powerful antibacterial.

Scientific researches have proved that honey maintains the glycogen level ad in that way improves athletic performance.

Cinnamon is another ingredient which can decrease our levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. It is especially helpful for people with type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon can also prevent cell damage in our body and fight the free radicals.

Take a look at our detoxification recipe:


  • 2 tsp. of ACV
  • 2 tbsp of lemon juice
  • 1 tsp of raw honey
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup of hot water


  • Take a cup of hot water and combine it with raw honey, fresh lemon, powdered cinnamon and apple cider vinegar.
  • Stir it well until all the ingredients are dissolved, especially the cinnamon, since it can go down to the bottom of the cup.
  • Use this apple cider vinegar detox drink on an empty stomach every morning and also before going to sleep. You’ll remove all the extra fat, flush out toxins and lose pounds!



»1-1/2 Cups all-purpose flour

»3/4 Cup white sugar

»1/2 Teaspoon salt

»2 Teaspoons baking powder

»1/3 Cup vegetable oil

»1 Egg

»1/3 Cup milk

»1 Cup fresh blueberries

»1/2 Cup white sugar

»1/3 Cup all-purpose flour

»1/4 Cup butter, cubed

»1-1/2 Teaspoons ground cinnamon



Drinking Detox Lemon Water Every Morning – The Mistake Millions of People Make

Drinking Detox Lemon Water Every Morning – The Mistake Millions of People Make

It is understood that various people the world over beverage detox lemon water before whatever else, right when they wake up.

 In any case, there are also numerous individuals who can’t stand the sharp taste, however that one is an awful thing, in light of the fact that the solid lemon has various enhancements and can give various restorative focal points.

Also, the experts say that you should drink more detox lemon water daily because the lemon juice is loaded with antioxidants, protein, vitamins B and C, phosphorus, flavonoids, potassium, carbohydrates, and volatile oils. This is a very healthy drink that has many good properties, such as antibacterial, antiviral and immune-building properties. It will as well help you boost your immune system and fight infection due to high levels of bioflavonoids, limonene, pectin, citric acid, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.

What’s more, what you can be sure of is that a glass of warm detox lemon water on a vacant stomach, before anything else, will likewise help in tackling different things such as flushing the system, aiding digestion, fighting hunger cravings, promoting weight loss and creating alkaline-forming environment in order to balance the body’s pH. And have you heard that just one cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187% of your recommended daily serving of vitamin C?

Note: Unfortunately, there is a common mistake that most people make when they are enjoying their glass of detox lemon water, which is they throw out the lemon peel, which is a very bad thing. And why is that, well, because the lemon peel is one of the most nutritious parts of the whole fruit. Just guessing – your normal routine would probably be slicing the lemon, then squeezing the lemon into a bottle and then adding some hot or ice water. But, you should know something, and that is actually the wrong way to do it. Probably now you are asking yourself what is the right way? And please do not worry because we have the answer for you. Here you have the way to make lemon water!

At first, you will need to get two fresh organic lemons.
Secondly, you will need to cut them in thin or thick slices according to preference.
Squeeze some of the sliced lemons into the water.
And then, you need to grate the peel of the squeezed lemon pieces into the water.
Put the left slices in your blender bottle, mug, or travel cup.

Fill the container with either boiling hot, or ice cold water.
Detox Lemon Water for The Win
A large number of experts around the world also say that lemon water can also improve the digestion process and it can also help in slow absorption of food, which conserves insulin stores in the body and also ensures your body to get most of the food it’s processing.

It is known that many people around the world drink detox lemon water first thing in the morning, right when they wake up. But, there are as well many people who can’t stand the sour taste, but that one is a bad thing because the super healthy lemon has many nutrients and can provide many health benefits.
This drink also gives you GI tract the push it needs in the morning to get things moving and reduce fluid retention as well. Ladies and gentleman, this would only mean one thing, and that is that you should start drinking lemon water immediately. We hope you will find this article helpful and do not forget to share it with your family and friends.



Bra fat is that unsightly bulge that forms when the elastic of your bra squeezes your torso. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re out of shape or that you’re overweight. In fact, the bulge is something that happens naturally when you tie elastics around any soft part of your body. If you don’t like the appearance of bra fat and you want a smoother look under your t-shirts, there are upper back and shoulder exercises that target and help to get rid of the excess fat.

One way you can prevent bra fat is by toning the muscles on your upper back and laterals. Firm tissue will bulge less than soft tissue. This 5-move workout will help you target those stubborn areas with upper back exercises that tone and strengthen your muscles. And doing the moves in quick succession will raise your heart rate to help you burn excess fat over the entire body!

What You’ll Need: a set of light to medium dumbbells (8-15 lb.), a gym mat, and a kettlebell. One dumbbell can be substitued for the kettlebell if unavailable.

What to Do: Perform 12 reps of each exercise in order, with 15-second breaks in between. After finishing all the exercises, rest for 60 seconds and repeat until you complete all rounds.

Beginner: 2 rounds.

Intermediate: 3 rounds.

Advanced: 5 rounds.

Below, we’ve included videos on how to perform each move. Using proper form helps to prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Exercises :

1. Up & Down Plank :

  • Begin in a full plank. Lower your right elbow to the mat and then your left, coming into an elbow plank.
  • Put your right hand on the mat, and straighten your right elbow. Do the same on the left to return to a full plank.
  • 12 reps each side

2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press :

  • While holding a dumbbell in each hand, sit on a military press bench or utility bench that has back support. Place the dumbbells upright on top of your thighs.
  • Now raise the dumbbells to shoulder height one at a time using your thighs to help propel them up into position.
  • Make sure to rotate your wrists so that the palms of your hands are facing forward. This is your starting position.
  • Now, exhale and push the dumbbells upward until they touch at the top.
  • Then, after a brief pause at the top contracted position, slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position while inhaling.
  • Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.
  • You can perform the exercise standing or sitting on a regular flat bench. For people with lower back problems, the version described is the recommended one.

3. Kettlebell Sumo High Pull :

  • Place a kettlebell on the ground between your feet. Position your feet in a wide stance, and grasp the kettlebell with two hands. Set your hips back as far as possible, with your knees bent. Keep your chest and head up. This will be your starting position.
  • Begin by extending the hips and knees, simultaneously pulling the kettlebell to your shoulders, raising your elbows as you do so. Reverse the motion to return to the starting position.

4. One-Arm Dumbbell Row :

  • Choose a flat bench and place a dumbbell on each side of it.
  • Place the right leg on top of the end of the bench, bend your torso forward from the waist until your upper body is parallel to the floor, and place your right hand on the other end of the bench for support.
  • Use the left hand to pick up the dumbbell on the floor and hold the weight while keeping your lower back straight. The palm of the hand should be facing your torso. This will be your starting position.
  • Pull the resistance straight up to the side of your chest, keeping your upper arm close to your side and keeping the torso stationary. Breathe out as you perform this step.
  • Lower the resistance straight down to the starting position. Breathe in as you perform this step.
  • Repeat the movement for the specified amount of repetitions.
  • Switch sides and repeat again with the other arm.
  • One-arm rows can also be performed using a high pulley or a low pulley instead of a dumbbell.
  • 12 reps each side.

5. Jump Squat to Shoulder Press

  • Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, your toes pointing slightly
  • outward and sit back.
  • Push through the heels to jump up, spinning to the left 180 degrees.
  • Land on your toes with your knees slightly bent and squat.
  • Quickly jump up, spinning to the right, and go back into the squat position.
  • Repeat until the set is complete.

We need your feedback! Let us know what you thought about this article or anything else on the site. Leave a comment in the section below.

SOS, My Orchid Is Dying! How To Save Orchids From Root Rot

SOS, My Orchid Is Dying! How To Save Orchids From Root Rot

If your orchid is dry and thirsty, excessive watering isn’t the best option for this sensitive plant. Why? Because the orchid roots may rot!

So, don’t try this extreme salvation, because saving an orchid with rotten roots is more difficult than saving a dehydrated one. When the plant receives too much water, the oxygen can’t penetrate the roots. Excess water will lead to roots rot, and as a consequence the absorption of nutrients will be blocked.

If the orchid has a colorless pot, it will be harder to see if there is any change at the root level. But the effects are seen on the leaves that will turn yellow or will soften.

Plant care

Once you have noticed that the orchid leaves turned yellow, you should check the roots and act immediately, because there might be a chance to save the plant.
Remove the plant from the pot, and then remove all bark traces from the roots. Now, take a sharp and disinfected pliers, and then, carefully, cut all rotten roots. If some roots are only partially rotted, cut them until you reach healthy tissue. Pour hydrogen peroxide over the cut areas because it will act as a disinfectant.
Sometimes, alongside with root rot, black mold appears, and it’s best if you clean the roots with cotton buds until you remove any trace of mold.

After this procedure, apply a fungicide to prevent further development of parasitic fungi and mold.
To seal the root area where you’ve done the cut and prevent the appearance of other pathogens, dust the areas with cinnamon powder or charcoal powder.

Don’t re-pot the orchid until after you’ve completely disinfected the pot. Either you buy a new one or clean and disinfect the old one very well.

Use a new special substrate for epiphytic orchids such as Phalenopsis, either crushed coconut or sphagnum bark or other orchid mixture.

To properly fill the pot, put a 2-3 cm bark layer on the bottom, place the orchid in the middle, and then, without moving it, try to fill the pot with substrate.

Don’t water the orchid in the first few days after re-potting it.
The chances, now, are very high to save your rotten root orchid.

Help! My Orchids Are Attacked By Lice And Aphids! Chemical And Non-Chemical Solutions To Save Your Orchids From Pests

Help! My Orchids Are Attacked By Lice And Aphids! Chemical And Non-Chemical Solutions To Save Your Orchids From Pests

Orchids attacked by lice are a major problem for every plant lover, and given the fact that they are sensitive plants will make these tropical plants the most wanted pray of pests. One of the most common pests you can find on orchid leaves or rods are lice and aphids.

Because these plant destroying insects multiply fast, creating colonies in just a few days, it often happens to discover that your plants face with a pest lice invasion when is a bit too late.
If your orchids are facing with aphid or lice invasion, you will see that their leaves will turn yellow, the flowers will be a bit deformed and the plant will slow its growth.

How to track lice and aphids on orchids?

These little intruders create their colonies on the back of the leaves, but, slowly, they will cover the rods, and, eventually, the whole plant. During their invasion, lice and aphids feed with plant sap which will lead to plant death.

If you carefully look at the leaves and rods, you will see that they are covered with sticky secretions called honey dew which are nothing but insect manure.

Important! The secretion left on the leaves attracts the plant fungus. On the flowers and leaves will appear blackish, soot-like crusts. These crusts covers only the upper part of the leaves, the lower one keeping its green color. The drying of the leaves begins at the edge.

Plant care
Orchids attacked by lice can be successfully treated, both by bio and chemical methods.

Natural treatment
If you don’t face with a powerful invasion, you can prepare your own insecticide, as it follows:

– Mix together 1 tablespoon of Castile soap and 1 quart of water, put it in a spray bottle and spray the solution over your orchids. Make sure that this solution is sprayed on every insect and never use it more than 3 times in a row.

Chemical treatment 
If the attack is strong, use systemic insecticides to get rid of aphids. The substance will be absorbed by the plant and will get into plant’s sap. When aphids will suck the sap will slowly die.
Remember! Applying this chemical treatment once isn’t enough. You should repeat it after one week and respect the label dosage.

Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of Red Spider Mite On Your Lemon Tree

Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of Red Spider Mite On Your Lemon Tree

It’s absolutely normal to hold back a bit when you want to apply the insecticide treatment for your potted lemon.
Before applying any insecticide you should be well-informed about this procedure, making sure which insecticide is best for your lemon tree.

Anyhow, I’ve done my homework and searched for the best and most handy solution to get rid of pests that attacked your lemon tree.

How does a pest-attacked lemon tree look like?

  • It has a pale look which indicates an illness.
  • The young leaves won’t have that dark green tint. They will have a chlorotic aspect.
  • If you analyze the leaves more closely, you will see on the superior leaf surface small discoloration portions.
  • If you look at the inferior side of the leaf (you need a magnifying glass or a good eye) you will find the cause: some tiny reddish-brown insects.

The actions of red spider

  • The red spider feeds with the sap of the leaves, which extracts it by stinging the tissues.
  • Basically, the leaves are drained by energy, and this attack causes the decline and vulnerability of the plant.
  • When the attacks become massive, spiders, due to overpopulation, can also attack the upper part of the leaves.


  • You will need a beer (preferably black beer because it contains more alcohol).
  • Meticulously, wipe each side with a soft cloth soaked in beer, face and back.
  • You will notice that the leaves are quite resistant to this operation, allowing you to rub them.
  • By rubbing, the spiders will be crushed, and the leaves will get a special gloss due to beer.
  • In addition, beer also has nutritional action on the leaves, acting as a foliar fertilizer.

Further information 
– No matter how meticulously you will wipe the leaves, spiders will remain on the leaves trying to restore their colony.
– For this reason, it’s necessary to repeat the procedure after a while, either on the whole plant or in the areas where the problems reappear.

She Cut Her Old Bra And Did Something Amazing- Every Woman Would Surely Want to Do The Same!

She Cut Her Old Bra And Did Something Amazing- Every Woman Would Surely Want to Do The Same!

The popular YouTuber, Ray Lee makes videos in which she shares her advices with women about friendship, emotions, clothes and she also has some great tricks.  The video below was viewed by more than 4 million women.

Before you throw away your old bras, you could try this excellent trick. The best part about it is that you need not more than 10 minutes and it is a very simple trick.

After these several simple instructions, you will have a “backless” bra and save money

This Is What Happen When You Put Cut Up Onion Inside Your Ear

This Is What Happen When You Put Cut Up Onion Inside Your Ear

The powerful medicinal properties of onions have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. They boost the immune system, support the healthy function of the hormones, improve heart health, soothe the nerves.

They reduce cholesterol levels, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, and prevent the hardening of arteries. Moreover, they lower blood sugar levels and help in the fight against type 2 diabetes and obesity. They also have powerful antibacterial properties which detoxify the body. Onions are rich in a flavonoid known as Quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant, with antihistamine, anti-cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is mostly concentrated close to the root and its outer most rings nearest the skin. Here is how to use onions to treat your health issues: Soothe an earache and soften earwax buildupPlace the most inner part of an onion in the ear to soothe an earache and soften the earwax. Leave it to act until the next morning.

Fight coldsYou can either eat a raw onion as soon as you experience the first sign of a cold, or boil it, add ginger and honey, and drink the tea. Soothe coughPeel a larger onion, cut it in half, and cover the tops of the halves in half a tablespoon of brown sugar. After an hour, hollow up the syrupy contents of the dish, and eat it twice daily. You can also make a honey and onion juice. Fight feverChop onions and potatoes, mix them with some minced garlic and put them in a pair of socks. Put the socks on, get in bed, and apply a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar on the forehead. Eliminate an eye irritantCut a piece of onion to stimulate the flow of tears, which will help you remove the irritant out of the eye. Soothe bee stings and other insect bitesGet rid of the stinger at first, and then apply grated or crashed white onion on the place. The anti-inflammatory properties of onions treat the swelling, while the natural antihistamine prevents allergic reactions. Treat surgical woundsOnions will help you heal wounds and scars, especially in people with darker skin. Heal burnsApply a slice of onion on the burn and leave it to act for 2 minutes. Then, whip up some egg whites and apply to the affected area, let it dry in order to create a protective barrier, and cover with a gauze bandage. This will heal the burn almost instantly, and it will leave no scars. Fight infectionsPrepare this onion paste to treat infected wounds: Boil some milk, pour it onto a thick slice of white bread, grate an onion over it, and mash it into a paste. Then, apply this paste to a cleaned area, leave it to harden, and it will pull the infection out of the body in a few hours. Cure cutsApply a slice of onion to the cut to prevent infections and clean the area. Apple some onion skin on the place to seal it and stop the bleeding. In case of larger cuts, secure it with gauze.  Repeat twice daily.

How to find the ideal swimsuit according to your silhouette

How to find the ideal swimsuit according to your silhouette

Small bust, big bust, petite figure, voluptuous silhouette … What do you want to camouflage and what do you want to emphasize at the beach?
Here’s our guide to find your perfect swim suit according to your silhouette:

For a small bust

– Add volume with prints, sequins applications or beads.
– Frills and / or duplication of material create the illusion of extra volume.
– Bandeau brasses flatter a small bust.
– Horizontal or oblique stripes are preferred.

For a large bust

– V neckline flatters a generous bust – choose a bra that link around the neck for the best possible support.
– Balconette brasses style is also a good choice.
– Monochrome suits optical minimizes a too prominent bust. If you want to try a print, choose a small one.
– Beware of string bikinis and bras with ruffles and / or applications.
– If you choose one piece swimsuit, go for already embedded cups version.
– Give attention on choosing the right size bra, so you can assure that you benefit from the right support.

For a voluptuous figure

– Pin-up style swimwear – high waist briefs and bra with whole cups – will look sensational on you, elongating your legs and perfectly fitting your bust.
– The one piece V-neck swimsuit will hide problem areas while emphasizing your neckline.

For an androgynous silhouette

– Colors and print-ins add optical curves when those are missing.
– The one piece outfit in one color with prints or clipped to the side will create the illusion of an hourglass-shaped silhouette.
– The one piece outfit with drapery at the torso is also a good choice.
– Avoid bandeau bras type and hipster style trunks.
– Retro swimsuits, pin-up style, will create an air of sensuality, making your silhouette look more feminine.

For petite silhouette

– A string bikini or a retro suit à la Baywatch, deep cut on the legs, will optically elongate the silhouette.
– Staggered prints are also a good choice.
– To optically elongate the torso, opt for a V-neck

For abdomen with imperfections

– Try one piece swimsuit with side cutouts that will distract from the central area of the abdomen.
– A high-rise retro style brief will successfully camouflage the problem.

For wide shoulders

– Choose one piece suit or one shoulder bra, whose diagonal lines will detract from the too wide horizontal line of your shoulders.
– You can also try a one piece outfit in one color with prints or clipped to the side, which will mimic the hourglass silhouette.

For short legs

– A low-cut slip in front, or a one piece swim suit with a cut deeper lower part (à la Baywatch), will optically elongate the legs, making them look slim.

For a too small posterior

– Rely on prints, applications (beads, sequins), or any graphic details.
– As in the case recommended for a too small bust, flounces and / or material duplication mimics a volume boost.
– Go rather with Brazilian style to the detriment of full-coverage slips

For a too high posterior

– Avoid string bikini and Brazilian style. Go instead on retro high-rise briefs version that will create a sensual silhouette.
– To balance the general appearance of the silhouette a monochrome or lacking graphic detail slip is recommended, along with a bra with print.

For prominent thighs

– Cover a pair of prominent thighs with a dress style slip.

For too short a torso

– A bra that comes around the neck, along with low-rise briefs will successfully mimic an elongated torso.

10 Vegetables to Plant in May

10 Vegetables to Plant in May

So if you are thinking to have a green garden in your home yard in the month of May, then you have to select those selective vegetables around you. One can have a beautiful setup of a vegetable garden in his home yard. In the month of May, one cannot put any of the vegetables to plant. 

Here we are going to mention about almost 10 vegetables which can be easily planted in the month of May.

Airports WorldwideAirports around the world Airports, heliports, airfields


This vegetable can be planted in the month of May. But it needs a cooler atmosphere to have the best results. So you have to plant this vegetable in a slightly cooler place of your garden. One more thing, always maintain a space of almost 18 to 24 inchesfrom each plants for have the excellent result.


Carrots are one of the most easiest vegetable to grow. One cannot plant carrots in a wrong time. Whenever the temperature is 50-80 degrees, plant these vegetables for the best results. In the time of plantation one has to maintain a distance of 6-10 inches between every seedlings for the best experience.

Summer Squash:

Summer squash is also among those easy growing plant which can give you a good resource of vegetables. Before plant this vegetable one have to mulch the soil very well. The squash needs a moist soil to grow well. Summer squash are very fast in growing. So being compared to the other May vegetables, summer squashes are harvested in a short time. It could be completely ready within 7-8 weeks.


Potatoes are that vegetable which can go almost with every curry in our house. Especially in Bengali dishes potatoes are a must needed vegetable. One can grow potato in his own garden yard with some easy method. Firstly you have to dig the soil very well and compost that area before planting. Then fill up the bottoms of those holes with some extra compost to have a better result. Keep providing water to that soil to have a moist full soil. Harvest them after 15-20 weeks.


For beginning gardeners, radishes should be judged as the best. It doesn’t need much maintenance and observation to grow. Just keep providing water to them and they will give you the best result. Radishes should be harvested after 5-7 weeks.


In the month of May celery is one of the best-growing vegetables. Plant the seedling of this vegetable in your garden and have a wonderful growing plant within 18 weeks. This vegetable can be easily harvested after 18 weeks. If you need this a little early then you can harvest them after 11 weeks also. 


In May, another easily growing veggie is lettuce. Lettuce can be easily planted in your garden through some very easy steps. You just put those seeds or seedlings of lettuce in you gardening soil. Try to maintain a distance of 10-12 inches between every seedling. After planting those little seedlings, keep supplying them enough water and don’t leave the soil dry. Especially in the dry soil of May.


It’s time to plant some eggplant in your garden. To plant them, one just has to maintain some easy steps. You just have to put those seeds in your gardening soil, and burry them well in the soil. Always maintain a distance of 25 inches from each plant. One can harvest them after 12-15 weeks.


This is the plant which you wanted to be grounded in this May. Asparagus is something which will make you much happier gardener in this year’s May. If you were not satisfied with your last year’s gardening experience, then this year will make you much happier by planting this asparagus. Planting this vegetable is a little trickier though. This plant can grow very faster if you pay your utmost attention to this. It will satisfy you by the production of it. So one can easily plant it in his garden.


it is a little different from the other vegetables growing in May, but it can give you the best result of your efforts if you give your 110%  attention on it. One might use trellis to grow them. Planting them in trellis way can give you a little cleaner and easier harvest. One must have to keep the soil moist to have the best results. Cucumber is one of those veggies which can be grown in very low-maintenance. One can harvest this plant in or after 8 weeks.

So, this over mentioned vegetable one can grow in his garden in the season of may. One can grow them with very much easily and homemade way. If this over mentioned theory can be obeyed by an individual then he or she could be able to have a very well and positive gardening season in this May.  

Tricks to Growing Great Tasting Broccoli

Tricks to Growing Great Tasting Broccoli

Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable. This vegetable almost looks like cauliflower but it is a dark green colored vegetable. There are so many various types of broccoli you can see in the market. One of the most popular variety is sun king hybrid. This is a great variety to grow and you can plant in indoor condition. Broccoli is a cool season crop. So you can grow it in the fall through the winter and even in early spring. So scroll down and see the tricks, how you can grow a broccoli plant in a very easy way.

Trick 1:

So here is the first trick you can use to grow a great tasted broccoli. At first you have to prepare the soil where you want to plant the broccoli seeds. For preparing the soil you have to mix some fertilisers, like, coconut coir or peat moss, vermiculite or prelate, Compost or manure. Mix all the things properly for getting a good result. In researchers opinion this mix are great seed starting mix and even you can you a different fertilisers instead of coconut coir.

Trick 2:

Now about thirty four days after sowing what you have to do is you have to transplants the seedlings into slightly larger containers. Because the first container, in that you prepare the soil that raised bed is not yet ready and those seedlings have started growing already big. By transplanting these broccoli seedlings into these little larger containers, we can grow them for few weeks till the raised beds are ready. For the pudding mix you have to mix that comprised of 30% peat moss, 30% vermiculite, 30% compost and the remaining 10% you can add a worm castings or manure or organic fertilizers.

Trick 3:

Now in this method of growing broccoli, you are started indoors and then transplanting them and eventually plant those in a raised bed. So here are the transplants are ready and now you can leave them for six to eight weeks to grow in these containers. But you can also plant them if your raised bed is ready. After 45 to 50 days of starting the broccoli seeds you can transplants those seedlings in the raised bed. You can see your seedlings, and that grown pretty well which is quite bigger in those small containers. The raised bed must be a minimum big in sized, like 4 by 4 feet. And now you have to prepare a good layout for planting these seedlings. You must keep 10 to 12 inches distance between two plants and make sure that you give enough space between your broccoli plants. If you crowd them together, they are not able to produce as many heads of broccoli as you expect.

Trick 4:

So now see is the next trick you have to use after completing above tricks. After 80 to 85 days of transplanting you will see the plant will grow quite well. And also you have to replenish some of this soil in the raised bed you have to add some peat moss and some other fertilisers to the raised bed mix. After 90 to 95 days you can see the little broccoli heads and those heads will mature into a larger broccoli heads very quickly.

Trick 5:

Most of the gardeners are not get good quality broccoli because of some harmful insects is there in the soil or in the broccoli. Now to avoid those insects, like caterpillars on your broccoli plant you can use one of the solutions like BT (BacillusThuringia). These chemicals are safe for you and by using these you can avoid most pests on your plant. But if you can maintain regularly the broccoli then you will not need for those chemicals. So after 110 days since sowing, you can see the broccoli flowers will grow quite big and it might bigger as well. But won’t harvest your broccoli before they start flowering so at this stage you can still wait for a little longer till the head becomes slightly larger. So after growing properly, now you can harvest the broccoli. After harvesting the main head of the broccoli plant you will get a lot more little broccoli florets that you can harvest as well and that’s the real benefit of growing a broccoli plant you can harvest the fresh broccoli florets as long as the plants grow. You are not going to be limited by one broccoli.

White Vinegar Is a Gardener’s Best Friend. Here Are 11 Clever Uses in the Garden

White Vinegar Is a Gardener’s Best Friend. Here Are 11 Clever Uses in the Garden

Being organic in every way is possible is the new trend this day. People use organic food to digest, organic products for beauty and makeup and apply organic methods for farming. This is the reason people don’t like to use toxic chemicals like artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. In addition, vinegar form a great alternative for artificial toxins as it kills weeds and keeps the plant safe and protected

1.Weed elimination 

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Gardening is all about keeping the plants trimmed and removing the excess growth that appears in the plant. For instance, when our hair grows longer and out of proportion, we are told to cut and trim it down. This is because unwanted growth doesn’t look nice. The same goes with the plants. The unwanted growth of the planted is eliminated by pouring apple vinegar into the weeds of the plants

2. Medium for food

There are certain plants which grows beautifully under the influence of vinegar. Some of the greatest examples are rhododendrons, hydrangea. Plants like azaleas, grow beautifully under the influence of acidic soil. All you need to do, is a cup of white vinegar and one gallon of water to make these plants, mentioned above to grow beautifully.

3. Removes flies

When vinegar is mixed with the combination of sugar, water, and molasses then it forms a beautiful component that can keep fruit flies and household flies away. Once the moisture is prepared, place it just above the top of the plant and whenever a fly tries sit over the plant, it will get trapped automatically

4. Cleanses allergens

Your hands can be dirty, when you spend longs hours in improvising your garden. Your hands can get itchy and this can be annoying, so to avoid this gardening experts recommend the use of distilled vinegar to wash hands.

5. Rabbits away

If you are don’t like rabbits, and them running to and from across your garden then vinegar can act as a saviour. All you need to do, is to take some vinegar and place it a cotton. Once done. Place the cotton ball in a container and pokes holes on the top of the container. This will keep your rabbits away.

6. Ant killer

Vinegar can also can act as an ant killer. All you need to do is to take some vinegar and water. Make a mixture with ant hills and spray on the areas where you think, that ants can invade. This acts a good mixture which can keep the ants at bay

7. Garden tools

Garden tools tend to get dirty when it is used for longer periods of time. They to get rusty and grime as time passes by. Thus in order to mitigate this situation, take a plastic bag and vinegar and keep under a water spigot. This is will clear out the rust and from the gardening tools

8. Slugs and snails

Slugs and snails, acts one of the major hindrance of plant growth. They tend to stop the plant growth by eating the leafs away. In order to kill and make them wither, make use on undiluted vinegar on the plant

9. Birdbath

Birdbath is an artificial pool created by gardeners, to make the birds drink, cool and bathe themselves. They tend develop rust over the periods of time. Hence you can use white vinegar and some distilled water to move the dust way from your bloodbath.

10. Kitty away

If you favourite kitten is using your kids sandbox as a toilet, then keep some unstilled vinegar to keep the kittens away from the sandbox.

11. Fresh flowers 
Make the life of the freshly cut flowers by adding two table spoons of vinegar in your garden. This will automatically increase the life of the freshly cut flowers. In addition, add some pinch on sugar to make it more active.

Final thoughts 
All the methods that restated above, are genuine methods that create a healthy gardening environment. The use of vinegar as a natural antibacterial killer increases the longevity of the plants in your garden.