With this recipe, you can jazz up a simple vegetable into high protein Zoodle pasta.

🔸2cups Zoodles (you can buy either pre-made at stores or make your own with a spiralizer)
🔸4oz Grilled/Baked Chicken breast
🔸A handful of fresh Cilantro
🔸1/2cup Tomato sauce

🔸Prepare chicken breast first and foremost by either baking or grilling. Cut or shred into thin slices & set aside.
🔸Preheat frying pan medium to high heat with a drizzle of coconut oil
🔸Transfer the zoodles into the pan and cook gently for 2minutes.
🔸Put your favorite tomato sauce in and cook for another 2 minutes.
🔸 Towards the end, mix in the prepared chicken breast pieces and stir gently.
🔸serve with fresh cilantro and other herbs/spice of your choice!

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