Vegetable Garden Tour & Tips 4/16/18: Hot-House Tomato Cage, Peas, Bean & Cucumber Trellising

Vegetable garden layout ideas

We were able to walk around the 50 beds we have and talk about what we are growing, but also about how we incorporate our garden into all areas of our curriculum in our childcare.

There was much talk about squash bugs (the bain of our greenhouse presence at Little Sprouts). There was a great deal of enthusiasm for the assortment of plants we develop just as how we wound up with such a great amount of room to utilize.

At Little Sprouts we use plastic fruits and vegetables in a hide and seek game, play healthy food BINGO, have stuffed veggies to play with, play with veggie puzzles, identify seeds and types of seeds, plant seeds in clear bags so we can watch how the roots and stems develop underground, plant, tend and harvest foods we grow and take then inside and prepare and eat them. The garden teaches so much. We count, sort, measure, identify shapes, colors, tastes, smells, sounds, and so much more. After we talked and explored, we got a group photo and headed out to our next stop, the local Farmer’s Market. The market was nice and busy and had lots of goodies to take home.

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