Types of Cactus for your home and garden
Types of Cactus for your home and garden

Types of Cactus for your home and garden

While most might prefer a Rosebush anytime, however, there is something about nurturing thorns. Types of Cactus for your home and garden has grown in popularity in recent times and the reasons are plenty and obvious. These look artistic and also pretty in an edgy-way.  The Cacti plant falls under the Succulent family and requires very little or no water. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons as to why people love Cacti in their living rooms. The other reason why Cactus is much preferred by people is that these are available in various interesting shapes as well. So, are all cactus the same? No!!!

There are various different types of Cactus for your home and garden. Let us take a look:

  • Opuntia micro days or Bunny Ears Cactus
    These are as cute as they sound. Originally from Mexico, they derive their name from two pads of foliage placed atop one central pad, making it look like a ‘bunny’. These are covered all over with brown Prickles and require much care while handling. Being just two to three feet in height, making them perfect for your living room. Also, this plant flowers during the Summers with White and Purple flowers.
  • Chin Cactus or the Gymnocalycium
    This is a cactus type usually found in South America. This variety has one of the most interesting of cactus names i.e‘naked Kalyx’ in the Greek language. The meaning of the name implies to the fact that this cactus is completely devoid of spines on the Flowers. These grow well in both shade and sunlight.
  • Saguaro Cactus or Carnegiea gigantea
    These are in fact the taller variety of Cactus, but the fact that they grow really slow makes them the perfect indoor cactus to keep. This variety has a barrel-shaped body making it look like the ‘classic’ cactus we often spot on the television shows and movies. These are originally from the Sonoran Desert and actually thrive well under the sunlight. So, if you are planning on getting yourself a nice little Saguaro Cactus, be sure to place them under direct sunlight even when indoors.
  • Old Lady Cactus Mammillaria Hahniana
    This is one of the most popular types of indoor cactus, owing to its rather pretty-old lady kind of appearance. This is one of those types of indoor cactus that require to be watered every week. The Old Lady Cactus has a halo of fuzzy white hairs and small purple and pink flowers. This cactus type has 250 species and requires to be well-planted in the sand.
  • Star Cactus or Astrophytum Asteria
    This variety has one of the most interesting of cactus names, which is due to its ‘star-like’ appearance. The Star Cactus is also known as the Urchin Cactus or the Sand Dollar Cactus and has its body sectioned into eight parts. The entire cactus is covered with white dots and white hairs and during the Spring they bloom pretty Yellow flowers. The fact that this type of indoor cactus grows only about two to six inches in diameter makes it the perfect plant to have inside your home.
  • Easter Cactus or the Hatiora Gaertneri
    This indoor cactus type is originally from Brazil. These bloom some of the prettiest flowers during the Winters ranging from colors Lavenders to Whites to Oranges. The Spines of this plant are stacked on top of each other giving it a rather interesting shape.
  • Christmas Cactus or Schlumbergera brid genii
    Yes, we do have a cactus for Christmas as well. This is one of those types of cactus with names owing to the fact that they bloom during Christmas or the Winters to be more precise. These do not need too much water or sunlight.

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