This Is How The Oldest Living Yoga Instructor Looks Like!
Oldest Living Yoga Instructor

This Is How The Oldest Living Yoga Instructor Looks Like!

This Is How The Oldest Living Yoga Instructor Looks Like!

Age is just a number, right? We hear that so many times, but when it comes to us, it is not quite the case. Getting tired from less daily activities, not able to watch a single movie without napping…

Let me give you a little boost and inspiration, so you can have something to thrive for and see it is achievable.

I’ll tell you a story about a 101 yoga teacher, named Tao Porchon – Lynch. She was born in India in the far 1918, daughter of a French man and an Indian woman.

At the age of 8, while she was spending some fun time at a beach in Goa, India, she saw a group of people doing as she says, for that time, “strange stretching exercises”.

 Oldest Living Yoga Instructor
Oldest Living Yoga Instructor

She immediately tried copying them from aside. At the time of being, yoga was simply not as popular and in India, it was not for women.

However, she secretly started practicing it and it was very sure that it will become her passion in life. She lived in India, with her aunt and uncle because of the early and sudden death of her mother. In her teenage days, she marched with the great Gandhi and demonstrated along with General Charles de Gaulle and also, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Her ideas for genuine human appreciation, kindness, and friendliness towards all people were her mantra, even since the early days.

Later on, during the Second World War, she and her father moved back to France. He did quite a heroic act by himself, giving shelter to hundreds of Jews.

 Oldest Living Yoga Instructor
Oldest Living Yoga Instructor

However, the spies were on every corner, and thus, the German soldiers found out about this, so even  Tao and her father had to flee away, or stay and wait to be shot for treason.

After this, they moved to England, where Tao started to work as a cabaret dancer, showing off her amazing yoga skills. It wasn’t long before she bounced off in her career, working as a model for Chanel and started an acting career under Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production.

Tao never forgot her roots, her amazing times on the “yoga beach”, as she claims. After some time, she went back to India to study the yoga technique under the famous yogi B.K.S. Iyengar, thus becoming the first-ever woman in Indian history to be accepted as a yoga student.

Coming back to America in the late ’60s, she started teaching yoga and gave up her acting career. It was the only a decade after when she decided to go back to her passion from her youth – the dancing.

At amazing 88 years of age she started with dance competitions and in her “late-career” has won more than 600 dance competitions. She was even featured on 

America’s Got Talent in 2015 at the age of 96 and showed the world that you’re never too old to follow your dreams.

It’s not that she’s so very different than the rest of the humans, or she’s a Super Human being… she has had 3 heavy hip surgeries, but still, she didn’t give up.

In 2012 she received the honor “oldest practicing yoga teacher in the world”. In August this year, she turned 101 years age and still wakes up every morning and practices yoga, saluting life and well-being.

Well, if this isn’t a story and a woman that would get you out of bed every day and push you towards a healthy change in your lifestyle, then I don’t know what else to give you. Be more positive, smile and never give up – change starts from the inside and start is the hardest thing….

After you start, you’ll see the road more clearly.

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