Thinner Waist Fast! Lose 4 Inches in 4 Days With This Amazing Drink

This drink is cheap and tasty made from easily accessible dietary foods and it is a perfect tool that will help you melt the fat from the abdomen.

If you are thinking about the great preparation for the summer, the ideal solution was offered by Cynthia Sass. That is a diet drink that can lessen your waist for 10 cm, which is proportional to the loss of 3 kg in just 3 days.

For this plan to succeed, 4 days are necessary to consume the drink and to avoid sweets, snacks, greasy and fatty foods.


• Two liters of water
• One cucumber
• One lemon
• One tablespoon of ginger (powder)
• Twelve mint leaves


-You should wash the lemon well and do not peel it.
-Cut the lemon into circles
-Add 2 liters of water
-You have to peel the cucumber, cut it into circles and add it into the water
-Put the mint leaves and the ginger powder in this mixture
-Mix it well with a spoon
-Cover the container and let it stay in the fridge overnight

When you get up, start consuming this drink. You should consume all the drinks during the day, and in the evening you can make another drink for the next day.

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