The new growing season has begun

The new growing season has begun

We got the ditches all cleaned and then

Turned in the water!

We started small…20 tubes, so we could manage the setting and the digging out of the ends

Gradually we added more water, more rows, and more tubes

Nothing like the smell of the dry earth, as the water soaks into it.

Terry dug out the ends and I started the tubes. In a wee break, I stopped and looked at Terry, who had a huge grin on his face.

“You are sure happy” I commented.

“Yes!” he replied.  “Being out here, doing this, makes me happy!”

“Me thinks”, I smiled at him….”You love being a farmer.”

“I think so too.” he stated.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,

The new #growingseason has begun
Our first #seeds have #sprouted  We were given #ironagebean seeds for Christmas so we’re trying #growing them for the first time
Are you growing anything for the first time this year?
We’re *SO* excited for this new year. New house, new #garden, new seeds, new ideas, and new adventures!!
Follow us as we start the next chapter of our gardening adventure


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