Stop Dog Aggression Towards Strangers

Stop Dog Aggression Towards Strangers

In training your dog terms I like to refer to this as “Stranger Aggression”. If your dog get nervous around strangers, jumpy and constantly on alert, pacing, startled with the smallest movements or if he could be very still with laser like concentrate on his target (the mailman, a visitor approaching). Then your pet is showing symptoms he might get aggressive toward strangers.

Reasons why.

The #1 reason dogs show “stranger aggression” is they weren’t properly socialized around strangers. They haven’t spent enough time around strangers to have used to them. Your dog looks for your requirements for all of his worldly experiences. It is up for you to show him to new people, places and things in a very positive manner with positive experiences so which he can realize for himself that doesn’t new places and faces are something to be scared of.

What happens now?

Socialization: A process to getting your pet accustom around the world around him and all sorts of the strange people, animals and things within it. I cannot emphasize enough the need for socialization is usually to your dogs upbringing. Socialization should start when your puppy has his vaccinations and continue toss his life.

What about an older dog.

It isn’t too far gone to socialize your puppy. Although it usually takes longer and you ought to take certain precautions to ensure you, your canine or even the stranger can avoid an undesirable experience or worse an injury.

Take it slow and never force an extremely anxious dog into a strange situation. Try to keep any trained in short lessons or exposures of a maximum of 15 minutes. Expose your puppy to new people and places regularly. You can expect your pet to have over his fears should you only focus on his socialization once per week. Try 2-3 times every week and change from there with longer sessions.

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