Our Adventure in Training – My Puppy and I

Our Adventure in Training – My Puppy and I

Your dog training starts before you ever get your dog. It starts even before you decide to decide what dog you want. You don’t select a puppy as they looks cute. What characteristics do you desire in a dog? Is it very important to your puppy to take a seat quietly. Does shedding really bother you? If so you might want to think about a dog that doesn’t shed all the. Do you need somewhat lap dog or even a large dog which will want to get out and run with you? These are just a number of ideas with what to find out about your pet on the internet. When you have studied about all kinds of dogs and know what kind you choose. Then you are prepared to look for a dog to suit your personality.

When I brought my puppy home I wanted him to feel safe. He has to believe this is his home. He should feel loved and protected. I was a bit insecure around him, and I didn’t want him to believe. So I tried to feel secure during my home with my dog. Then he felt secure also.

As you start your training you’ll want to get to be the alpha male. This means that your pet will perceive you since the boss. Puppies is certain to get rambunctious. When he does you’ll want to ensure that he knows that you are the boss. Flip him over on his back and bite him on the folds of skin on his neck. Not Hard! You don’t wish to break your skin. If you don’t need to put orally on him just use your hand in the shape of a claw. This just lets him know that you are the alpha male and you’re simply the leader.

Positive reinforcement is the better method to train your pet. My puppy loved to chew on my own socks. I was losing too many socks. So I got him a chew toy. He now loves to chew on his toy and I have matching socks. Each time I teach him a fresh trick I provide him positive reinforcement by telling him he could be a fantastic boy, patting his head and giving him a dog treat. Don’t use treats continuously. Our puppies need to make us happy, we must demonstrate to them that we are pleased and that we love them. Use praise to exhibit him this, try not to use baby talk and baby your dog.

My puppy and I are growing and learning together. We are learning to respect and love the other person. Dog training is an art the other that you can master with numerous love and patience.

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