Just 4 Minute Workout To Relieve Lower Back Pain…!!!

Just 4 Minute Workout To Relieve Lower Back Pain…!!!

Lower back pain is not only annoying but it comes between your productivity and is a hurdle for everyday activities. It can be brought on due to a number of factors, for example lifting a heavy object at an odd angle. This undue heavy lifting can cause strain on the muscle ligaments and result in pain. This is mainly due to overstretching of the muscles beyond their usual comfort zone.

Apart from this sitting in an uncomfortable position or having an improper sitting posture at work may also contribute to lower back pain. It may also result from a sudden movement that put too much pressure on the back, for example, a fall. Other times these pains may be associated with certain body dysfunctions, or medical reasons in an individual may give rise to this.

Following are a few simple exercises anyone can do to help them relieve the pain for a short while. These are not the ultimate solution but great to bring about temporary relief. Also recommended after a long day at work. Before trying to attempt these exercises remember not to overexert yourself and in case of pain stop immediately and consult your doctor. These exercises are aimed at sciatic nerve so it involves bending and stretching of legs. Hold each position for 30 seconds.

1.While sitting on a chair put one leg parallel to the floor by placing it on the other leg. Now slowly lean forward on your legs letting your hands hang by your sides. Bend forward by supporting your weight on the bent leg and lean as forward as possible. Maintain the position for 30 seconds then slowly return to the initial position. Switch the legs and repeat the procedure.

2.Lying on your back with your legs flat and straight. Now bend one leg by the support of your hands gripping the knee of the bent leg. While one hand on knee grasp your ankle with the other hand and bend the leg as much as possible stretching the thigh as close to your body as possible. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

3.While lying down bend one leg up and rest the feet on the opposite knee. While maintaining this position start to stretch the leg towards your chest. At the maximum stretch hold the position for 30 seconds and then return to the initial position.

4.While resting on your back bend both legs upwards and cross them. The affected leg on top of another. For support clasp your hands together underneath the bent legs. Now stretch them as close as possible to your chest. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then return to initial position.

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