How to Store Vegetables Over the Winter – Modern Storage Tips

How to Store Vegetables Over the Winter – Modern Storage Tips

Having our own garden is not a great thing, but maintaining it in the proper way is the best thing. Storing vegetables especially in winter might make you feel difficult, but when it comes to the reality you don’t need to worry about storing vegetables for their healthy long life.

Many people think the death of plants in winter means obviously the death of all fresh vegetables from the garden. The vegetables that stored best are the root vegetables. We have many different ways to store them throughout the winter seasons.

Have a look at some simple storage tips for your fresh vegetables in this winter season.

Root Cellars:

You might have heard about root cellars many times. Even though it takes hundreds of years to dig the ground, but the temperature remains constant for maintaining fresh vegetables.

You can easily store many vegetables and spices like garlic, potatoes, carrots, radishes, etc. the best method used for storing these vegetables are layered in the sand. The vegetables stored through layers of sand will easily last for months in the cellar.

Five Gallon Buckets:

If you don’t have large area to dig and to create root cellars, you can go for choosing the modern micro version of the root cellar which is called a five-gallon bucket. These could be buried on the ground with the lid on and would just act like a root cellar.

All you need to do is take plastic garbage cans or new metal can and drill holes in the bottom of the container for drainage. Locate this container in an area convenient to your house. Now, load the container with layers of vegetables, separated by straw. Cover the top of the container with 1-2 feet of insulating material.

Regardless of the type of storage method used, make sure to check them once in a while for any possible signs of pests and damages.

Proper temperature, humidity, and annual cleaning are crucial for long term storage and regular monitoring will help you to maintain the quality of vegetables for the entire season.

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