How to find the ideal swimsuit according to your silhouette

How to find the ideal swimsuit according to your silhouette

Small bust, big bust, petite figure, voluptuous silhouette … What do you want to camouflage and what do you want to emphasize at the beach?
Here’s our guide to find your perfect swim suit according to your silhouette:

For a small bust

– Add volume with prints, sequins applications or beads.
– Frills and / or duplication of material create the illusion of extra volume.
– Bandeau brasses flatter a small bust.
– Horizontal or oblique stripes are preferred.

For a large bust

– V neckline flatters a generous bust – choose a bra that link around the neck for the best possible support.
– Balconette brasses style is also a good choice.
– Monochrome suits optical minimizes a too prominent bust. If you want to try a print, choose a small one.
– Beware of string bikinis and bras with ruffles and / or applications.
– If you choose one piece swimsuit, go for already embedded cups version.
– Give attention on choosing the right size bra, so you can assure that you benefit from the right support.

For a voluptuous figure

– Pin-up style swimwear – high waist briefs and bra with whole cups – will look sensational on you, elongating your legs and perfectly fitting your bust.
– The one piece V-neck swimsuit will hide problem areas while emphasizing your neckline.

For an androgynous silhouette

– Colors and print-ins add optical curves when those are missing.
– The one piece outfit in one color with prints or clipped to the side will create the illusion of an hourglass-shaped silhouette.
– The one piece outfit with drapery at the torso is also a good choice.
– Avoid bandeau bras type and hipster style trunks.
– Retro swimsuits, pin-up style, will create an air of sensuality, making your silhouette look more feminine.

For petite silhouette

– A string bikini or a retro suit à la Baywatch, deep cut on the legs, will optically elongate the silhouette.
– Staggered prints are also a good choice.
– To optically elongate the torso, opt for a V-neck

For abdomen with imperfections

– Try one piece swimsuit with side cutouts that will distract from the central area of the abdomen.
– A high-rise retro style brief will successfully camouflage the problem.

For wide shoulders

– Choose one piece suit or one shoulder bra, whose diagonal lines will detract from the too wide horizontal line of your shoulders.
– You can also try a one piece outfit in one color with prints or clipped to the side, which will mimic the hourglass silhouette.

For short legs

– A low-cut slip in front, or a one piece swim suit with a cut deeper lower part (à la Baywatch), will optically elongate the legs, making them look slim.

For a too small posterior

– Rely on prints, applications (beads, sequins), or any graphic details.
– As in the case recommended for a too small bust, flounces and / or material duplication mimics a volume boost.
– Go rather with Brazilian style to the detriment of full-coverage slips

For a too high posterior

– Avoid string bikini and Brazilian style. Go instead on retro high-rise briefs version that will create a sensual silhouette.
– To balance the general appearance of the silhouette a monochrome or lacking graphic detail slip is recommended, along with a bra with print.

For prominent thighs

– Cover a pair of prominent thighs with a dress style slip.

For too short a torso

– A bra that comes around the neck, along with low-rise briefs will successfully mimic an elongated torso.

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