Female fitness motivation is what keeps me going on

Female fitness motivation is what keeps me going on

Female fitness motivation is what keeps me going on. Why? Because those girls  are so tough and dedicated and if they can do it, I must!

There may be people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuses for anyone to work harder than

you.Here’s to us. Here’s to ordering salad when you really want a burger. TO making an ass out of ourselves in combat cardio class. To drinking more water than seems possible. To going five minutes more on the elliptical. To working out twice as much as your skinny roommate. To saying, “Screw you” to the old you. To falling in love with the you that you really are, the you you want to become. To looking in the mirror and not seeing any change, throwing on your running shoes and hitting the gym anyway. Here’s to carrots, and shin splints, and sweat shirts, and perseverance, and sore muscles, and stinky socks, and 7 am conditioning class, and falling down, and getting back up. And here’s to getting up tomorrow and doing it all again.

I wanted to talk today about motivation. Female Fitness Motivation specifically – and this can be a touchy subject for some.

Most people start off just like me and my half marathon; big goals, and dreams of accomplishing something. Whether it’s weight loss, running a mile, fitting into a certain size, looking good for an event, or building muscle.  The enthusiasm is overwhelming and one just cannot be stopped.  This enthusiasm is what makes getting to the gym those first few days so easy or saying NO! to that extra sweet snack you didn’t budget for in your daily intake.


Female Fitness Motivation - Keep Calm and Never Say You Can't



But then a week or two passes.  What happens?

Nothing.  After a week, it’s no longer new, the sensation is gone, and the results you thought you’d see aren’t there.  It starts to interfere with habits and other life priorities.  Then you’re stuck spending the weekend thinking, oh gosh I have to do that all over again! So you take a day off, and then something comes up, so you take another day off.

Which leads me to my female fitness motivation stealing culprits.


Results come with consistency and patience. The belief of obtaining the body of a Victoria’s Secret model after a month of training and eating well is an over zealous goal.  Good grief Charlie Brown!  The expectations we put on ourselves are overwhelming sometimes. It also surprises me how negatively we can talk about ourselves when we don’t accomplish a goal, over zealous or not. I’ve learned to ask myself, “Would I say this about another person?”  If not, I try really hard not to say it about myself.


The one thing no one wants to admit, but we all deal with – that good old fear of change. In my opinion, this is 99% of the reason why we get hung up on change; deep down we’re afraid to alter our routine.

It doesn’t matter how much female fitness motivation one may have, what the goals are, or how well one plans to accomplish these goals; change can hold us back from achieving our best. The thing is, we are meant for change, and we are built for it, it’s the doubt that stops us. Our lives change rapidly whether we are aware of it or not. A prime example is that before we know it we’re in midlife, and with that comes a change in our goals and priorities. I don’t know about you, but I could surely lose that 10 extra pounds a lot easier when I was 18 than I can now!

Female Fitness Motivation - Wake Up. Kick Ass. Repeat.


I owe it to myself to take care of me. That means I need to be open minded and try new things if old ways didn’t work so well. So if I try a new routine and I don’t like it, I move on to something I do like, while still working towards the main goal. Or if the routine I choose isn’t working for my current lifestyle, I switch it up to make it work for me! Jobs get crazy, kids get sick, and life happens – flow with it.

We all have personal hurdles, limitations, and priorities in our lives – so one just has to figure out a way to work around them. If you have children or a crazy work schedule (or both) and time always seems to get away from you with school, work, homework, etc, find ways to fit your goals into the limited time you have.  That’s why we have HIIT for Beginners and at home workouts – for those days that getting to the gym is impossible. It’s also why I’d encourage people do to meal prep on Sunday evenings so that there is always something healthy in the fridge when life gets crazy.

And for those who say think they can’t cook, this blog is full of TONS of easy recipes.  Food can taste good and still be healthy – check out these recipes if you don’t believe me! In the mean time, check out YouTube, there are tons of how to videos to make delicious food!

Female Fitness Motivation - Every Day Is A Fresh Start


1. Change your mind set and perspective –  What I’ve learned over the past few years is that you are in control of 2 things in life: 1) your thoughts 2) your actions. So what does that mean? You have to change the way you perceive the work you have to do to achieve your goals. If you don’t enjoy it, you’re doing it wrong!

2. Tell people your goals! – This helps in so many ways.  You might find that someone has a similar goal and you can support each other, but no cheating together! The act of telling people both your goal and your plan makes you accountable. Last, by having to tell people your goals, it reiterates what your goal is and how you plan on achieving it.

3. Stop the negative self-talk – Quit it! Yes, you actually can do this.  No more of this I can’t! The simple act of saying “I just don’t think I can do this” is setting you up for failure.  If you don’t believe in yourself who else will? Instead change your mantra to “I’m damn sure gonna try!”  That’s so much easier and you’ll sound bad ass doing it!

4. Embrace Change! – Last year I decided that I was in fact, a bad ass, and needed to embrace this.  Until then, I kind of doubted my abilities.  You know what? I tried new things,.  I was awesome at a few and wasn’t so awesome at others. But I was willing to do everything because I wasn’t constantly doubting my abilities. During this process I had a ton of fun and learned a lot about me! If something didn’t go the way I thought, I didn’t give up as easily. (Since you know, bad asses don’t give up!).

And my last and final point for female fitness motivation.

5. Don’t be in such a rush and create achievable goals – Being healthy, eating right, and staying fit is a lifestyle, not a quick fix fat burner pill. It’s about baby steps.

Let’s say your goal is to eat better and exercise 4 times a week.  So you sit down and make a plan. It goes something like this: “I’m going to cut out sugar, only eat fresh fruit and veggies, lean protein and no more snacking, AND I’m going to go to the gym 4 times a week.” I can tell you from experience that this might not be  the best plan if you were sitting on your couch eating Cheetos for the past 6 months.

Your body and your mind will be fighting you the entire way and you will be frustrated and chances are give up. Instead, break things up into smaller goals.  For instance, start by making 1 healthy meal a day and walking the neighborhood a few nights a week.  Once that is a good solid routine, start replacing another meal with something healthy, and sign up for the gym membership or knock out some of our Beginner Series workouts.  By approaching things in smaller bites, you can continue to stay motivated because you are constantly working towards a new goal and accomplishing those goals – that is something to get excited about and STAY excited about.Female Fitness Motivation - I can, I will, End of Story


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