Don’t Shoot the Dog

Don’t Shoot the Dog

How often on television will we hear reports about children and adults being bitten or attacked by dogs, which stories are usually that has a barrage of footage from the usual suspects most commonly known as ‘Pit Bull’ (which technically is not a breed but a generic term used to describe the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not utilizing the subject of dog attacks lightly, but a hazardous dog is usually a symptom of another more severe problem: irresponsible owners that don’t understand dog behavior or cruel and criminal owners who damage dogs making them dangerous. Relying solely on around the removal or death from the offending dog does not work properly because the owner in question simply replaces it with another.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), the perfect solution being touted about at the moment, is proven as a possible inappropriate response which, while addressing the legislators immediate political emergency, can make a false sense of security on the list of average man or woman who will be led to believe that attacks originate from a specific breed of canine and never using their company circumstances. There are many reasons and several ways in which this response can fail, one of these is the fact that certain people are fascinated by certain ‘types’ of dog, it can be their treatment and expectation of the dogs that encourage the animals behaviour. I’d challenge you to definitely segregate and chain your pet dog outside, treat it roughly and teach it to chase small screeching animals, pigs by way of example, and also have a well-socialised and non-aggressive dog. If you remove one breed from those available to these folks they’ll only work their way on the list to the next best fit. This knee jerk reaction could also have a devastating effect upon innocent owners and dogs, also since the challenges for dog shelters that are left to manage the flood of “cast-offs.”

Animal control can be a band-aid solution; education is surely the most crucial method of the prevention of dog attacks. Both owners and the general community should be aware of how your dog may behave in certain circumstances. It is our responsibility to practice and educate not only our dogs but our little ones and ourselves at the same time. Dog attacks are certainly not simply the response to ‘dangerous breeds’ but additionally that relating to ill-judged human behavior. Teach your sons or daughters never to approach and pat a dog minus the owners’ permission. I can’t let you know how many kids are able to encounter my shop and dive bomb my dog Chewy. I also can’t set out to explain my anger when I see dogs tied up outside shopping centers. This is an accident waiting that occurs plus it often does. These dogs have, in their eyes, been abandoned, totally that after they’re approached by total strangers they have got nowhere to perform as they’ve got been bound. This is a quite normal cause of dog bites.

Another act of irresponsible dog ownership is allowing your dog to roam around off lead. A perfect demonstration of how this could go dangerously pear-shaped happened recently as I was chatting outside my shop. A couple drove up but got out of the car, as did their dog. It was, incidentally, what some would classify being a ‘pit bull’ cross. It was an absolutely friendly sweet-natured dog; it came up if you ask me for a pat as well as a chat, after which wandered over to a two-year-old child and gave it a good solid lick on the face. Luckily the child’s grandmother was holding one of it’s hands which prevented it from falling over, I jokingly told a child that this dog had given it a huge kiss, which technically was all it had done, and the grandmother thankfully followed suit. I don’t have to explain what the result could happen to be stood a few with the circumstances on this situation been different.

We are made to function as the responsible, intelligent ones, the methods in charge, not our dogs. So let’s stop blaming the dogs for events which might be not entirely of the doing. The media must also play a much more responsible part in this as they can either drive the hysteria or highlight problems and potential solutions.

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