Do you combine yoga with the gym?

Do you combine yoga with the gym?

We all know that to be healthy we’ve got to eat well and exercise. But the best strategy for optimizing our bodies is still up for debate with the health philosophies of yogis often at odds with the traditional fitness community.

In reality, there are many aspects of physical strength and being strong in one discipline doesn’t necessarily translate to another. Maybe you’ve mastered a hand-stand but become short of breath a couple of kilometers into your run, or you can squat a hundred pounds but can’t hold a tree pose. Total frame fitness is a mix of strength, flexibility, staying power, balance, and electricity- ideally, we have to goal for a balance in a lot of these components of bodily fitness.

The perfect fitness regimen is going to look different for everybody depending on your goals, but a mix of strength training, cardio, and a dedicated yoga practice can benefit just about anybody. Plus it’s good to switch up your work-outs so that all the different muscle groups get worked but not burnt out.

Incorporate aerobic, electricity, and yoga into a few of your workout routines, so that you’re hitting all three regions right now.
For example, when lifting weights at the gym, mix in body-weight exercises; pull-ups, push-ups, and a variety of squats. You can also mix in spurts of cardio like HIIT training (High-Intensity Interval Training), with high reps of burpees and jump squats. Finish the session by flowing through some vinyasas and poses. This routine will get you sweating, and fatigue your muscles. Consistently moving will also keep you warm for stretching or yoga afterward.

combine yoga with the gym
combine yoga with the gym

For the next couple of months, I’m challenging myself in a new way. This time it will a body transformation with Greg Gallagher I’ve been struggling with my body image for a long time. Going through all kinds of eating disorders and having no balance whatsoever

Today I got up and I was ready to change everything! We started with a morning hike to one Bulgarian peak. It was exhausting, but we also got so much energy back from mother nature. And a good booty workout too

combine yoga
combine yoga

Next couple of months we won’t have so many trips as we usually do (still have tons of videos from our adventures to edit and upload)
Meanwhile, I’m excited about a new friendship with a local gym.

To be continued in my IG stories.

What about you? Do you combine yoga with gym?

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