Strong And Effective Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Brittle Nails

Strong And Effective Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Brittle Nails

Many women crave for long nails, but this is just a dream for them! Nails can break very easily, because of lack of calcium and magnesium. But, ladies, this is problem is solved due to natural remedies. With the following trick you be able to have long and beautiful nails.

Simple and powerful remedy to get rid of brittle nails!

You need:

– 1 garlic clove
– 1 orange
– 3 tablespoons of olive oil

Method of preparation:

Squeeze in a bowl the juice of half of orange.

Crush the garlic clove and add it over the orange juice.

Soak your nails in the mixture for 10 minutes, and then let them dry naturally for about 15 minutes.

Strain the orange juice from the bowl, and add olive oil over the garlic. You’re your nails again in this mixture for another 5 minutes.

Repeat this procedure twice a week and, in less than 14 days, you’ll have strong and healthy nails.

Top 5 Foot Baths That Remove Bad Odor

Top 5 Foot Baths That Remove Bad Odor

5 remedies to get rid of smelly feet

Smelly feet are the result of bacteria. If you can control these bacteria, your feet are clean and you get rid of the odor. Foot baths are a solution, so try one of these:

Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt neutralizes odor. It also helps to calm aching legs and it restores magnesium level of the body.

-1/2 cup of Epsom salt
-8 glasses of warm water

Dissolve ½ cup of Epsom salt in 8 cups of warm water. Soak your feet for 30 minutes 1-2 times a day. Dry your feet well.

Sage and rosemary bath

Sage has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Rosemary is also antibacterial / antifungal, and both plants are astringent and it reduces the production of sweat on your feet.

-1 teaspoon dried rosemary
-1/2 teaspoons dried sage

Fill the basin with boiling water and add herbs. Let the mixture cool and put your feet in it. Take a foot bath for 30 minutes 1-2 times a day.

Baking soda and citrus bath

Baking soda is one of the best cleaning agents, but is a product with miraculous effects when it comes to your feet.
It helps control odor naturally, it kills bacteria, and softens skin. The lemon acts as an astringent and has a wonderful scent of freshness.

-¼ cup of baking soda
-8 glasses of warm water
-lemon juice

Put in basin baking soda and add water. Squeeze a lemon and stir. Put your feet in this mixture for 15-20 minutes. Dry your feet well.

Vinegar bath
Vinegar creates an acidic environment in which bacteria hardly survive in it, thus destroying odors.

-1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
-5/8 cup warm water

Fill the basin with water, add vinegar and stir. Dip your feet and keep them soak for 15 minutes, twice a day. Rinse feet with cool water. Dry your feet well.

Black tea bath
Many people tried this remedy and they recommend it to everyone.

-5 black tea bags
-4 cups hot water

Pour hot water in a basin and add the tea. Keep the tea in water for 10 minutes and let cool. Take a foot bath for 20 minutes once a day. Dry your feet well.

Get Rid Of Belly Fat And Bloating With This 3 Minutes Massage Technique

Get Rid Of Belly Fat And Bloating With This 3 Minutes Massage Technique

Belly fat isn’t always caused by gaining weight. Behind this problem may be stomach gas formation, fluid retention, or abdominal dysfunction, which can be improved by a massage technique that lasts no longer than 2-3 minutes.

A big belly may be the cause of a bloating, because for about half of the stomach and intestine is filled with gas, and the following tricks helps you to get rid of belly fat. You just have to apply a simple massage technique:

You have to place 4 fingers above the navel, and there is the starting point. You have to massage that place for about 2-3 minutes in clockwise movements and reverse. If you’ve done well this procedure, you will feel a sour taste in your mouth and the saliva amount will increase.

This next point is located at the height of the pointer finger above the navel. Press this point gently and massage for 2-3 minutes with clockwise movements and reverse.

And the last massage method is placed 4 fingers below the navel. The right place is below your little finger. You have to massage 2-3 minutes with clockwise movements and reverse. If you’ve done this procedure correctly, you’ll get rid of bloating.

Clear Phlegm from Chest and Throat Naturally with Instant Result

Clear Phlegm from Chest and Throat Naturally with Instant Result

Blocked nasal sections, trouble breathing and tireless hack are normal issues that individuals experience. Be that as it may, there are totally common approaches to clear mucus from chest and throat with moment results.

Mucus is a thick and gooey discharge by the mucous layers in the respiratory sections whose fundamental job is to battle contaminations. It is amassed in the chest and throat, and the body removes it by hacking.

It usually shows up in instances of influenza, cold, sinusitis, unfavorably susceptible responses, bacterial or viral contaminations, feed fever, asthma or harmed vocal ropes.

These cases are likewise trailed by shortcoming, fever, consistent hack, runny nose and bronchial cylinders and can cause optional upper respiratory diseases.

How to Clear Phlegm from Chest?

As we have referenced there are some common approaches to clear mucus from the chest, they include:

Nectar and Lemon

Nectar is wealthy in powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that can relieve the bothered respiratory tract and clear mucus from the chest.

Lemon is pressed with a high measure of nutrient C, which clears the blockage and altogether improves the safe framework.

You need:

2 tbsp. of lemon juice

1 tbsp. of nectar


Blend the lemon squeeze and nectar and mix the mix well. Drink this blend three times each day so as to soothe blockage.


Ginger is an outstanding antihistamine and decongestant with intense antibacterial, antiviral and expectorant properties. It dries out the unreasonable bodily fluid, advances end of development and quiets the throat and chest blockage.

For this condition bite 3-4 ginger cuts each day or drink ginger tea a few times each day.

Ginger Infusion

You need:

6-7 bits of ginger

1 tsp of nectar

1 tsp of dark peppercorns

some water


In a container, heat the water and when it begins stewing, include the peppercorns and ginger. Spread the dish and leave the blend to bubble for one moment and after that bring down the warmth. Give it a chance to stew for 5-7 minutes until it winds up light yellow. At that point strain the blend and include the nectar. Drink this blend 2-3 times each day, and you feel moment alleviation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple juice vinegar alkalizes the body and controls the pH balance accordingly avoiding abundance creation of bodily fluid in the body.

You simply need to include one tablespoon of unfiltered apple juice vinegar to a glass of water. Blend the mix well and drink it 2-3 times each day so as to clear mucus from the chest or wash to quiet a sore throat.


It’s curcumin, the dynamic compound in turmeric that wrecks microscopic organisms which lead to this condition.

You need:

1 tsp of turmeric

½ tsp of salt

1 glass of warm water


In a glass of warm water, include the turmeric and salt and mix them well. Ensure you swish with this arrangement. Practice this 3-4 times each day so as to lessen bodily fluid and clear mucus from the chest.

This is a significant strategy on the grounds that the water calms the throat while the antibacterial properties of salt eliminate microorganisms and battle diseases.


This is an exceedingly powerful approach to diminish the dimension of mucus and bodily fluid in your throat. The inward breath of the steam will give you a moment alleviation in light of the fact that the vapors travel down your throat and extricate up the obstructed bodily fluid.

Likewise, you can add a few herbs to the water for some extra advantages.

You need:

½ tsp of dried rosemary

4-5 of bubbling boiling water

½ tsp of thyme

½ tsp of dried rosemary


Include the dried rosemary and thyme to the water and hang over the pot to breathe in the steam. Ensure you spread your head with a towel so the steam goes straightforwardly to your face. Practice this technique 3-4 times each day.

You can likewise have a hot shower two times each day.

Extra tips:

Clean out your nose normally to oust the mucus

Maintain a strategic distance from cold nourishments and beverages

Try not to smoke since it causes clog and aggravation of the respiratory tract

Utilize some humidifier to control the bodily fluid creation

Try not to open yourself to paint exhaust, family cleaners, and poisonous synthetic concoctions since they chafe the throat and nose

Try not to swallow the bodily fluid and mucus however spit it out

Enhance your eating regimen with peppers and garlic to release the bodily fluid and decrease the blockage

This sweetening is 10x additional powerful than an antibiotic drug – kills all infections and microorganism from your organism

This sweetening is 10x additional powerful than an antibiotic drug – kills all infections and microorganism from your organism

The winter season goes to finish presently, however sadly, the grippe season is going to be still gifted. because the temperature rises, the microorganism and infections can attack our system and organism that is already weak. Antibiotics are forever here to assist our body, however, there are several facet effects from them, and there are viruses that are drug-resistant.

The best thanks to improving our weakened system are to do to revive it with the assistance of natural ingredients, that are a lot of powerful than any prescribed drugs.
We will share a direction that’s ten times a lot of powerful than any antibiotic, and can with success treat a persistent cough, pharyngitis, asthma, totally different metabolism infections, respiration difficulties, even bronchitis.

What’s a lot of, this natural direction includes solely three ingredients that every one of you have already got within the room.


The ½ cup of organic honey
The ¼ cup of organic ACV
Garlic Cloves
The ½ cup of water
First, crush or cut the garlic. Then, combine it with all the ingredients, and store the mixture in an exceeding jar. It ought to be left long so as to become unvaried. ensuing morning, strain the sweetening and store it in an exceedingly dark and funky place.


If you’re exploitation this remedy to enhance your system, you must often take five drops of this miraculous sweetening on each day. If you’re exploitation it so as to treat an exact health issue, you must take a tablespoon of the sweetening every 2 hours till you are feeling the development.

HEALTH edges
Organic honey could be a made supply of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, ANd it with success fights against free radicals since it acts as an inhibitor. Moreover, it’s sturdy medicinal drug and bactericide properties which can give nice relief within the case of a chilly, cough or pharyngitis.

On the opposite hand, apple acetum conjointly contains potent bactericide and antiviral properties, thus it boosts the system and aids within the fight against viruses and microorganism. Apple acetum is additionally made in trace minerals, enzymes, and microorganism which can improve the health of the complete body.

Garlic is another in style natural remedy, that has been used for thousands of years within the case of metabolism problems. Garlic has powerful antiviral and bactericide properties and stimulates the system.

Moreover, it will forestall mutation changes in viruses, that is very vital within the struggle with new and mutated viruses. These powerful properties are because of allicin, a compound it contains and is ten times a lot of powerful than the antibiotic drug.

Due to all this, garlic could be a real superfood and is very useful within the fight against inflammations and microorganism. Its use considerably promotes health and ensures your well-being.

Straightening Hair Permanently With This Simple 4 Ingredient Recipe | Home and garden tip

Straightening Hair Permanently With This Simple 4 Ingredient Recipe | Home and garden tip

There is dependably a longing to have something which isn’t there with us. The young ladies with straight hair dependably think that its cool to have twists while the young ladies with twists endeavor to keep the hair straight.

The electric hair straightener and styles are generally utilized by young ladies which are unsafe to the surface of your hair.

It makes changeless harm to the hair which prompts hair fall, silver hair issues, hindered hair development and some more.

You will be amazed to realize that there are some normal ways which can enable you to get straight hair right away.

The characteristic curve is the ideal answer on the off chance that you are searching for ways how to rectify your hair. The formula fixes your hair as well as gives glossy and solid hair.

Things you need

Lemon juice-3 tbsp

Olive oil-2 tbsp

Coconut oil-1 container

Cornstarch-3 tbsp


Take 1 measure of coconut oil and include 2 tbsp of olive oil to it.

Include 3 tbsp every one of lemon juice and cornstarch to it.

Blend it well and apply on your hair tenderly.

Put on a shower top and spread your head with a hot towel.

Enable it to stay for 2 hours and after that wash your hair with a gentle cleanser.

Utilize some conditioner as well and wash your hair cautiously to expel the hair pack.

Pat dry your hair and you will be shocked to get straight hair in only 1 application.

This is it! Is it safe to say that it isn’t a basic trap to fix your hair?

Attempt this cure and let us realize how helpful this cure was for you and would you say you were flabbergasted? Pass on this cure with your companions who are battling with wavy hairs.