9 Companion Plants to Grow with Cucumbers

9 Companion Plants to Grow with Cucumbers

In the interest of keeping companion planting simple, I have tried to make lists of plants that go well with each other.  That way, as I am planting my garden, I can quickly glance at the list and pick and choose what I what to plant next to each other.  For me, it’s just simpler than pouring over a chart. {Though, if charts are your thing, I did make one of those a few years back}.

cutting green beans

Whatever your preference, chart or list, I aim to please.  So, if you are planting cucumbers this year in your garden, here’s a list of plants that will play nice {some will even help the cucumber along}:

  1. Beans.  Beans, beans, the magical fruit…the more you plant the better your soil.  You thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn’t you?
  2. Radishes.  Radishes help deter cucumber beetles and other pest.
  3. Peas.  Peas, like beans, provide nitrogen to the soil.  They also have similar sun and water needs.
  4. Beets.  Think of beets as Switzerland to your cucumbers.  They don’t really provide much by way of defense, but they don’t cause any trouble.
  5. Carrots.  Carrots are pretty much the same as beets.  They don’t go around looking for trouble and will play nicely with your cucumbers.
  6. Corn.  Corn provides a little shade for cuc’s in the dead of summer.  Plus, they have similar watering needs.
  7. Dill.  Dill attracts beneficial bugs to your cucumbers.
  8. Marigolds.  Marigolds are the golden child {ha! no pun intended} of companion planting.  Plant them liberally.
  9. Nasturtium.  Nasturtium are rumored to help cucumbers grow–and improve their flavor.

I am sure there are plenty more options, but these 9 are my favorite to plant with cucumbers.  What do YOU plant with your cucumbers?

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