5 You-Should-Try Benefits Of Activated Charcoal! From Teeth Whitening To Wound Healing Remedy

5 You-Should-Try Benefits Of Activated Charcoal! From Teeth Whitening To Wound Healing Remedy

Activated charcoal is a magical ingredient, just like baking soda it can do magic in beauty treatments and not only. People take advantage of activated charcoal because the costs are very low and you can do a lot of things with it. So, below you’ll have 5 incredible benefits of activated charcoal and how to use it!

1. Underarm deodorant 
Active carbon can be used as main ingredient in deodorants and antiperspirants. Many people are ready to leave their trade market antiperspirant aside for a natural one. Activated charcoal products can help you because they form a kind of magnetic surface, preventing excessive sweating and bad odor.

2. Teeth whitening
It might be strange when you look in the mirror while brushing your teeth with natural toothpaste based on activated charcoal, and see how your teeth are becoming black. But yes, black can bring back your white smile. Activated charcoal will clean and whiten your teeth because it has the ability to eliminate toxins and tartar stains.

3. Water purification
The water purifier you use may or may not use activated charcoal but, as it turns out, the active carbon can filter water using the same properties that eliminated skin impurities.
So, make yourself a favor and purchase active carbon-based water filters. This can be a healthy method, especially if you live in an area where tap water isn’t clean.

4. Cuts, scratches, stings
Honey is known for its beneficial properties when it comes to quick healing of cuts, scratches and burns, but it’s not the only natural ingredient that can have this “ability”. Any wound or infection can be cured quickly with activated charcoal. When it comes to minor affection such bites, stings, bruises, cuts, scratches, activated carbon can be applied locally with confidence. Also, this ingredient will reduce inflammation and reduce pain. You can prevent infections with active carbon bandages.

5. Relaxing bath
Those effervescent bath balls can also be made from activated charcoal, perfect for detoxification while relaxing in the tub. It may seem like you are bathing in dirty water, but your skin will glow afterward and you’ll feel better.

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