20 most amazing beautiful vintage garden ideas

20 most amazing beautiful vintage garden ideas

Vintage garden ideas are trending these days. So if you trying to give your garden a unique look then trying out some antiques is probably the best available option. This article will list 20 most amazing garden ideas that can make your garden décor look impeccable.

1. Antique Chair Planter plus Vintage Plates

The Old metal lawn chair can be a great addition to the vintage theme of the garden. Rather than throwing them, it can be recycled. The flower vase is kept in the seater that looks vintage. In addition, antique plates add more charm to the vintage look.
2. Rusty Vintage Wheelbarrow Flower Planters

The look of garden’s old wheelbarrow can be transformed too. This old iron tool is always associated with cement and dirt. So pretty flowering plants is a great contrast to the look of the old wheelbarrow.

The old rustic ladder in the storeroom is kept unused for a long time to make it look attractive. This unused ladder can enhance the look of the garden. The steps of the ladder are used to keep the flowering pots. 

4. Galvanized Metal Bucket Flower Planter Display

The leftover rusty metal buckets kept unused for a long time. These ugly buckets already give vintage vibe so using them as flower pots will be a great addition to the garden. Just adding some beautiful colourful flowers to the buckets changes the whole look. 

5. Pretty Antique Teacup Vintage Garden Decoration

The old or slight cracked cup can add a vintage element to the garden. Hanging them with string along with the flowers becomes the eye catchers of the garden.  This decoration creates a startling effect too. 

6. Galvanized Metal Wash Basin Hanging Basket

The unused wash basin can be recycled to be a great addition to the garden. This decoration is so popular that people buy old wash basin for decorating with flowers. 

7. Rustic Decorated Metal Pitcher Planters

Planter made of wood plastic and pots is quite common. But an old metallic pitcher can transform the whole look of your garden decoration. They are available in various sizes. So put some charming flower to give a vintage twist to this old pitcher. 

8. DIY Mason jar Outdoor Lanterns 

This can be easily made at home without buying them at high prices. So gather the old mason jars and decorate with some fairy lights. This looks subtle yet vintage. 

9. Coffee pot platters with ladder display 

Coffee pots are rarely found these days in the market. Yet antique shops might still have this. So grab them and decorate with some flowers. The pots on the steps of the ladder look marvellous.

10. Antic sink with garden decoration

The slightly cracked sink can be recycled to decorate with flowers. Even flower pots can be looking captivating.

11. String Lights Wrapped Around Backyard Trees

This light looks magical for instant attraction. The wrapping of them in the bark of the trees looks stunning. These lights are not much costly too.

12. Antique Metal Bucket Hanging Basket 

Hanging flower pots is quite common these days.  Addition of the old metal buckets adds a rustic look.

13. Up cycled Vintage Door Garden Gate

An old gate looks very classy yet vintage. Even if they are made up of wrought iron or anything fancy, they are quite sturdy. Repainting it with a fancy colour is optional or leaving it worn out. To make it look grand add some creeper flowering plant would be lovely.

14. Teapot and Teacup Decorative Garden Stakes 

Teapots and Teacups already are vintage treasures. So making them as flower pots would be a great addition to the vintage themed garden.

15. Rustic metal watering can planter 

A small garden will be best giving a touch of vintage by this unique technique. Old metal watering can become a great planter.  

16. Up cycled Vintage Desk Planter Decoration 

Recycled Decoration is better than throwing old desks and drawers. Painting them is optional as they will still look great worn out too. Add some bright flowers or tiny pots to be consistent with the vintage theme.

17. Antique Soup Ladle Succulent Planter Display

Succulents are cute little plants to decorate small spaces of the garden. The vintage soup ladle is the best option to pair with it.

18. Easy DIY Mason jar Lanterns 

Lanterns are always great for evening party decoration. These old Mason jar lanterns are a lovely addition in the outdoor space of the garden.

19. Antique Doorknob Flower and Herb Drying Display

The antique doorknobs are forever beautiful. Adding some charming flowers doubles the beauty of the garden’s decoration.

20. Pretty Monogram Succulent Planter Decoration

Monograms are very personalized decoration these days. Adding some cute succulents to it creates a startling element to the garden.

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