11 Quick Remedies for Puffy Eye Bags

11 Quick Remedies for Puffy Eye Bags

Are you scared of looking into mirror due to those swollen eye bags? Are you tired of people reminding you about your tired eyes? If yes, this is the right place for you cause you will find some fabulous home remedies for your puffy eyes and those under eye bags.

I’ll tell you about some quick fixes, the tips to quickly diminish the eye bags for sometime. These will help you when you are in a hurry to step out or for the unplanned parties thrown by your friends. I’ll also tell you about some permanent solutions for your puffy eyes-


such remedies that will really make your eye bags vanish forever. However, these remedies do take time to show results. But then, you always have to be patient when you are up to a challenging task!

Quick Fixes to Diminish Under Eye Bags

Use these quick remedies to make your tired droopy eyes charming and full of life.

1. Splash Face with Cold Water

Sometimes, it only needs a splash of cold water on your eyes and face. Most of the times, the puffs under eyes form due to faulty fluid circulation within your face. A splash with cold water constrict the blood vessels and starts the fluid circulation thus reducing swelling in no time.11 Quick Remedies for Puffy Eye BagsYou can even put some ice in water to make it really cold. However, beware! Don’t apply this extremely cold water to the skin around your eyes more than a couple of seconds!

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