10 vegetables can be easily planted in the month of May.
Vegetables to Plant

10 vegetables can be easily planted in the month of May.

So if you are thinking to have a green garden in your home yard in the month of May, then you have to select those selective vegetables around you. One can have a beautiful setup of a vegetable garden in his home yard. In the month of May, one cannot put any of the vegetables to plant. 

Vegetables to Plant
Vegetables to Plant

Here we are going to mention about almost 10 vegetables which can be easily planted in the month of May.

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This vegetable can be planted in the month of May. But it needs a cooler atmosphere to have the best results. So you have to plant this vegetable in a slightly cooler place in your garden. One more thing, always maintain a space of almost 18 to 24 inches from each plant to have an excellent result.


Carrots are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. One cannot plant carrots at the wrong time. Whenever the temperature is 50-80 degrees, plant these vegetables for the best results. In the time of plantation, one has to maintain a distance of 6-10 inches between every seedling for the best experience.

Summer Squash:

Summer squash is also among those easy growing plants which can give you a good resource of vegetables. Before plants, this vegetable one has to mulch the soil very well. The squash needs moist soil to grow well. Summer squash is very fast growing. So being compared to the other May vegetables, summer squashes are harvested in a short time. It could be completely ready within 7-8 weeks.


Potatoes are that vegetable that can go almost with every curry in our house. Especially in Bengali dishes potatoes are a must needed vegetable. One can grow potatoes in his own garden yard with some easy method. Firstly you have to dig the soil very well and compost that area before planting. Then fill up the bottoms of those holes with some extra compost to have a better result. Keep providing water to that soil to have moist full soil. Harvest them after 15-20 weeks.

Radishes: Vegetables to Plant

For beginning gardeners, radishes should be judged as the best. It doesn’t need much maintenance and observation to grow. Just keep providing water to them and they will give you the best result. Radishes should be harvested after 5-7 weeks.


In the month of May celery is one of the best-growing vegetables. Plant the seedling of this vegetable in your garden and have a wonderful growing plant within 18 weeks. This vegetable can be easily harvested after 18 weeks. If you need this a little early then you can harvest them after 11 weeks also. 


In May, another easily growing veggie is lettuce. Lettuce can be easily planted in your garden through some very easy steps. You just put those seeds or seedlings of lettuce in your gardening soil. Try to maintain a distance of 10-12 inches between every seedling. After planting those little seedlings, keep supplying them enough water and don’t leave the soil dry. Especially in the dry soil of May.


It’s time to plant some eggplant in your garden. To plant them, one just has to maintain some easy steps. You just have to put those seeds in your gardening soil, and burry them well in the soil. Always maintain a distance of 25 inches from each plant. One can harvest them after 12-15 weeks.


Vegetables to Plant
Vegetables to Plant

This is the plant that you wanted to be grounded in this May. Asparagus is something that will make you a much happier gardener in this year’s May. If you were not satisfied with your last year’s gardening experience, then this year will make you much happier by planting this asparagus. Planting this vegetable is a little trickier though. This plant can grow very faster if you pay your utmost attention to this. It will satisfy you with the production of it. So one can easily plant it in his garden.


Vegetables to Plant
Vegetables to Plant

it is a little different from the other vegetables growing in May, but it can give you the best result of your efforts if you give your 110%  attention to it. One might use trellis to grow them. Planting them in trellis way can give you a little cleaner and easier harvest. One must have to keep the soil moist to have the best results. Cucumber is one of those veggies which can be grown in very low-maintenance. One can harvest this plant in or after 8 weeks.

So, this over mentioned vegetable one can grow in his garden in the season of may. One can grow them with a very much easily and homemade way. If this over mentioned theory can be obeyed by an individual then he or she could be able to have a very well and positive gardening season this May.  

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